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Welcome to Eden Estate Manipur
Organic Fruits, Vegetables from Farm
Welcome to Eden Estate Manipur
Organic Fruits, Vegetables from Farm
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Welcome to Eden Estate Manipur
Organic Fruits, Vegetables from Farm

With 6 Years of Farming Experience, We Are Producing Organic Foods That You Can Safely Supply to Your Child and Family.

The Eden estate was conceived 6 years ago in Manipur and started with the belief that ‘we are what we eat’. With this old adage guiding us, we strive to promote organic farming, minimize deforestation and provide fresh quality organic food straight to our consumers.  

100% Organic Products

Here at Edenestatemanipur we take a truly holistic view of personal well-being. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and conscious choices all go into leading a happier and healthier life. Our Organic Retreats reflect this holistic approach. All stays on our centuries-old organic farm include vegetarian meals cooked with a lot of love from ingredients grown on our farm in in accordance with state-of-the-art nutritional principles. You can choose to stay in our dormitories or one of our two hand-crafted tree houses. Whether you are looking for a summer camp for your child, a detox weekend getaway, a meaningful holiday for your family, a fitness program, or an educational tour for students – our facilities, passion and ample experience allow us to meet a variety of needs.

Organic Fruits

Organic Vegetables

We do delivery all over Manipur.

who we are?

Edenestatemanipur Organic Farms currently extend for about 20 Acres over two properties, with seven irrigation ponds, as well as a river and a riverlet adjoining one of the properties. Crop plantations are maintained within the natural vegetation of the area, and 60% of the farms is still untouched forest. Crops like Bok choy, Chinese cabbage, Romanesco broccoli, Carolina Reaper, Habanero, Um-Marok (king chilly), Red Cabbage, Artichoke, Thai Guava, Nectarine, Mangosteen, etc. are grown in a multi-story system. In addition, different types of vegetables, fruits, flowers are also grown.

Our USP's

100% Oraganic

Natural and Non GMO

Ethically Sourced


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1) I am a regular customer of Eden Estate and all their produce are genuine and 100% Organic And I use them regularly. I have told many of my family and friends about their products so more and more people can benefit and consume healthy produce. I would also like to mention that their services are top notch and they even deliver despite heavy rains. Highly appreciate it, Family like organized staff
Their fruits are so healty and delicious no artificial or gmo stuff. I am so glad that my family orders our supplies for eden estate. I regularly use the fruits to make smoothies and it keeps me so recharged during the day. Thank you guys for helping me keep nutrionally intact.
Yours is the best quality poultry that one can have in Manipur absolutely fresh and 100% excellent quality. I want to express my gratitude that we are given such quality and nutritious poultry offerings deliver to our home, I must mention that real authentic are a few and you guys are one of them thanks

Eden Estate Manipur

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