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With 6 Years of Farming Experience, We Are Producing Organic Foods That You Can Safely Supply to Your Child and Family.

The Eden estate was conceived 6 years ago in Manipur and started with the belief that ‘we are what we eat’. With this old adage guiding us, we strive to promote organic farming, minimize deforestation and provide fresh quality organic food straight to our consumers.  

A Privately owned farm, Eden, is about 48 kms from the Imphal city and covers a wide area of around 20 acres. The farm tries to bring together the nature of environmentalism and the nature of enterprise and challenge ideas about what we in our communities consider valuable. By brining integrated farming practices organically with high value exotic fruit plants, vegetable crops and flowers and other allied animal husbandry; we aim to take forward the Estate to the next step of Agri-tourism as a sustainable business model to inculcate awareness among communities in our region about good sustainable practices, local produce for local markets, organic and conscious living.


Towards organic and sustainable agriculture

In organic farming, the mobilization of enough farmyard manure (the conventional manure) was found difficult. The introduction of coir pith, an agro-industrial by-product for composting by Eden Estate method has became handy and led to sweeping changes in the manurial practices. Later on, recipes for compost production from different agro-industrial wastes, like coffee husk, tea wastes, cocoa pod waste, saw dust, poultry manure etc. were formulated. Application of balanced compost to VF fields, based on soil testing, improved more than 50 per cent in crop yields. The farm has multiple cropping system growing arecanut, rice, cocoa, coconut, banana, pepper, cashew, vanilla, vegetables etc. An efficient bio-gas unit is located near the cattle shed. The spent slurry is distributed in the farm by a pipeline. A bigger unit producing both electricity and manure is under planning.

Eden Estate has also adopted water harvesting measures by providing catch pits, mini check dams, percolation pits and recharging bore wells during the rainy season which greatly enhanced the water availability during summer. By growing timber and firewood trees like teak, jack, acacia, casuarina etc., the farm is now producing excess of timber and firewood after meeting the requirements of the people depending on the farm. Another interesting and eye opening observation is the reduction in the absenteeism of the farm workers due to ill health during recent years as compared to the pre-organic period. The farm workers as well as the owners are healthier not only due to non-exposure to the hazardous chemicals but also due to consumption of self-grown poison-free food. Thus the Eden Estate has become a model with multifarious farm activities, which are eco-friendly and economically stable.

Our Objective

  1. To create awareness among the people about the importance of organic farming, its sustainable methods and its various health benefits.
  2. To create awareness about the importance of / the need to preserve the ecosystem of the region/maintaining the ecological balance of the region.

Our Vision

We have a vision to promote organic farming in the region and to help in preserving the ecological balance and traditional ingenuity of the local communities.

Our Mission

To establish Samruddhi Organic as the leading Organic Food player in India and the World over.

To be a single point source for organic produce for end users, by delivering consistent quality through fair trade practices.

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Note From Founder

Most times i found myself wondering – How is it that I can become so truly happier and joyful in the natural world? How many times i find ourselves baffled by the majesty of a tree, the strength in its bark making it grow deeper into the earth and expand outward generously, reaching for the sky – bearing a silent, patient witness to the unrest of all those who sat in its shade! Isn’t it but a miracle that deep glowing hues infused in sunlight shine brightly through the petals of happy flowers?  What is it about this intense relationship that we share with nature?

Nature makes me feel truly connected to all living forms within its realm. In the most beautiful of ways, it reminds me that we belong to this earth; that I am all made of the same matter and that we are no more or no less than the free bird cruising the skies, the ant walking in a trail building reserves of food or the little caterpillar busy growing it’s wing. With love for nature and a need for organic and sustainable products in the region I founder Eden Estate to provide best quality organic produce in affordable prices.

Eden Estate Manipur

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